Simply leave us an enquiry on our contact us page and one of our team members will get in touch with you and will take care of your requirements. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 024 365 and we can help you from there.
The steps that we follow are as under:

1) Register an Account

  1. We create a vendor/organizer account on our site from which the vendor/organizer can host and manage the events along with the tickets that they would like to sell.
  2. We will also share an agreement which has all the details about us and our services, which will be opted in the next step

2) Choose a Plan

  1. Once the account is created, we offer two account types for the vendor/organizers
    • FREE account (we generally recommend a FREE account to host the events on our website.)
    • PAID account (paid accounts have an extra feature of marketing the event and be your helping hand for all your artworks throughout the event. It can either be social media posts, digital marketing posts, or any print media designs.)
  2. Once the plan is selected, we would request you to sign the contract and return a copy of the contract.

3) Submit Your Event

  1. The last step before we go live with the event, we also offer you a testing phase, where a vendor/organizer can test the system and take the feel of booking a ticket with just 4 clicks.
  2. Once tested and good to go, we can push the event to the website and tickets can be purchased by the spectators.
Features available on but are not limited to
  • For Vendor/organizer
    1. Vendor/organizer can login into the website to know the current revenue, total ticket sales, reports and much more.
    2. Vendors/organizer can also manage the data of the spectators
    3. Vendors/organizers can also manage the check in at the venue, simply by using our app and scanning the QR code on the tickets of the spectators.
    4. Simple design UI for keeping the interface user-friendly
  • For Spectators
    1. Safety is our priority
    2. Spectators can create their account and manage the details under My Account of
    3. Spectators can manage there purchased tickets from My Account of
    4. Spectators can keep the track of all the past purchases and can download the tickets from My Account of

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